Changes to whip rules won’t stop tired horses being flogged

Tuesday, 28th July 2015

The Australia community will be greatly disappointed by the lacklustre whip rule changes Racing Australia announced today.

38,295 Australians call for an end to whipping race horses

Wednesday, 22nd July 2015

RSPCA Australia has strongly urged the Racing Australia Board to end the unnecessary whipping of race horses by delivering the signatures of more than 38,925 Australians who support the move.

China deal will see more Aussie animals suffer

Tuesday, 21st July 2015

RSPCA Australia is strongly urging the Government to reconsider its decision to send live cattle to China.

RSPCA: has the Government learned nothing from live export horrors in Vietnam?

Friday, 17th July 2015

RSPCA Australia has major concerns about Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce’s comments that a new market for Australia’s live cattle is ‘imminent’ and that live export agreements can ‘sometimes

Aussie hens flapping for joy as IKEA goes cage free

Monday, 13th July 2015

RSPCA Australia has today awarded furniture giant IKEA Australia with a Good Egg Award for their commitment to improving layer hen welfare in Australia by making the switch to source only cage-free